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SPX Snowmobile Ice Scratchers




Available online and in store

SKU 030-1070

When the trails are icey or hard packed the SPX Ice scratchers will provide the slide lub and cooling your snowmobile needs.

Ultimate engine cooling and slider lube
Unmatched performance and weight
Wire rope works in reverse, so you can put them down and not worry about bending them up when in reverse.
Pre-assembled for one-bolt mounting
Virtually indestructible 7/16" zinc plated wire rope for increased down pressure
Improved crimps for greater hold
Hooks and stays on rail when not in use
Knurled mounting surface eliminates spinning and loosening on the slide rail
Sold in pairs - Includes one left, one right, mounting hardware, and instructions
Replaceable tips available. 

Universal design allows these to be mounted on just about any snowmobile that has room for them on the rail
They must be mounted in a location that will not contact idler wheels or suspension arms
Mounting holes may need to be drilled in the rails