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BS Battery Lithium Range




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SKU 054-951

BS Battery Lithium Range

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BS Battery is proud to announce the launching of its brand new and innovative lithium-ion motorcycle and powersport battery range, designed for the most demanding riders, looking for higher and safer performance, faster acceleration, highly reduced weight and much longer battery life. The very low self-discharge provide the possibility to start an engine after a very long period of storage, even in very cold temperature conditions. BS lithium-ion battery range cover most of the existing circulating parc fitments.






Fast charging
Super fast charging capabilities

Multi-positionning mounting
Up to 180 °C

Very safe and environmental friendly
No acid, no leakage risk, no heavy metal, no toxic

Extensive cycle life
Over 2000 cycles

Very low self discharge
Can start engines after a long period of storage

Lighter weight
Up to 70% lighter than lead acid batteries

Waterproof design
Silicone sealant for excellent sealing performance

Ready to use
No need for preparation, just plug and play

Robust brass terminals
For enhanced electrical performance

Heat resistance
Heat temperature resistance up to 230 °C