by GGB

Two different sound levels to choose from. GGB Mountain cans are fairly tame at idle but are very aggressive when your on the throttle. GGB Trail cans provide a little more of a muscle sound over stock throughout the entire rpm range.

Sound - Two different levels available. Choose the one that suits your riding style.
Performance – Guaranteed to be as good as or better than stock or we'll refund your money.

MOUNTAIN – Super Lightweight with Race Aggressive sound
They don't come any lighter or any louder. GGB Mountain cans shed huge weight and are designed for use in areas where increased sound is not an issue. These cans are loud, please use accordingly.

TRAIL - Lightweight with Tuned Muscle Sound
Designed specifically for riders wanting to enhance the stock sound. Our Trail cans offer excellent weight savings and provide a tuned muscle exhaust note that will make your buddies envious. These are an excellent choice for noise regulated riding areas as the sound level increase is kept constant from idle to wide open throttle.

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